Garden activities

The Gardens undertakes food growing and native plant propagation activities throughout the year: check on the Activities  page for current events. Events will be held at times also: check the Activities page.

Gardens and Nursery Co-ordinator:
Our Gardens Co-ordinator is Hendrik Koch. Hendrik has been Co-ordinating the Gardens since 2004 and growing food organically since 1972.  He also has 40+ years experience in native plant propagation and conservation project management. He will lead visitors through all the basics of food production.

Volunteer co-ordinator:
Ros Craven is the co-ordinator of volunteers, so please contact her if you wish to assist. 0211500980

Visiting the Gardens:
For general members of the public, please visit during the posted hours, or, if you cannot attend at these times but wish to look around please feel  free. If you desire to be shown around outside  ordinary hours, please contact Hendrik Koch 021 1168320 or Ros Craven 0211500980

We welcome schools and other institutions; but: please make arrangements first. Please bear in mind that volunteers are busy looking after the Gardens and Nursery and Conservation Projects. They need notice of your visit.